Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Yesterday, I went to Wal-mart to buy milk.  I have some friends who are blessed to have a local dairy farm from which they buy milk, but we go to the Wal-mart.  I have a few observations from the trip to share with you:

1.  Motion-sensing baby dolls have got to be this year’s most annoying toys.  Seriously, there should be a warning label on that aisle, especially since it’s not even right with toys.  And how are those going to work with a kid rolling over at night? That’s going to set off a whole new set of problems.

2.  I have some serious questions about a poultry section that features ground turkey, turkey breasts, whole turkeys, and turkey necks.  No turkey legs, wings, or other parts of the turkey, but the neck?  Seriously?

3.  If sausage is made from the remains of pigs that can’t go into anything else, why is it as expensive as bacon?

4.  All-in-one kits seem to never actually contain all that you need for something.  For example, as the new holder of a fishing license, I need stuff to fish with.  However, the marketers have no faith in my fishing ability, because they will sell me an all-in-one kit of rod, reel, tackle, line, and lures.  There is no: stringer or fish scaler.  You think I can’t catch any?  Hah!

5.  I also recently acquired a hunting license, because I’d like to both try my hand at it and provide some meat for the family.  While the cost of processing a dear is not cheap, it is less than the cost of buying a comparable amount of beef.  However, I am not buying gallons of whatever that stuff is on aisle 43 (or whatever number).  If I can’t get a deer, then I can’t get one, but I am not smelling like that!

6.  Wal-mart makes it extremely easy to load up a cart with stuff, and yet impossible to buy it.  Seriously, train your cashiers.  Hire enough of them.  Provide them the support they need, and then expect them to be fast.  Or even medium.  Yet, without enough CSM’s or enough checkers, they can’t be much faster on their own.

7.  Patience will pay off: we want a gravy boat.  (It’s a thing to put gravy in to serve from, rather than ladling it from the pot. It is not something to float across gravy and fish for sausage chunks.) 2 months ago, Wal-mart had pretty ones for $15.  The same ones are now $7.  When they finally hit the clearance aisle, I’m guessing after Thanksgiving, they’ll be about $5.  Then I’ll buy one.  Meanwhile, we’ll ladle gravy out of the pot.  It’s easier to keep it warm that way anyway, and it’s saving $10.

Have a great day. 



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