Friday, November 26, 2010

A few random thoughts…

I don't have anything long or coherent this morning, but here's some diverse comments:

1.  On the Mack's Prairie Wings website (they're the nation's premiere waterfowl outfitter, apparently, and in Stuttgart), they list "Dog Training Dummies" for sale.  I wonder if these are job applicant rejects, or what their actual source of dummies is.  Perhaps reject politicians?

2.  Not sure what to say about this: (High school track athlete collides with deer during race!) other than that, if I've got to take up cross-country running to get a deer, you can forget it.

3.  Speaking of deer hunting, no, I haven't shot anything yet.  I'm letting them get bigger, yeah, that's it.  Also, I'm wondering, there's catch-and-release fishing, has anyone figured out how to do shoot-and-release hunting?  Like with a long-range tranquilizer dart, so you can have the thrill of the hunt while letting the deer go? Want to know why not?  Deer taste better than fish.

4.  We put up our Christmas tree yesterday.  We do have an artificial tree, but as I was straightening the thing out, I wondered: "If God doesn't grow straight Christmas trees, who am I to make mine perfect?"  So it's crooked.

5.  Yesterday, the temperature dropped from 73 to 41 in about 4 hours.  The only time it gets cold that fast is a Baptist church business meeting.

6.  We had a good Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, and then turned all the leftovers into soup.  After we eat a meal of the soup, we'll mix the soup with some thickener, like cream of chicken soup, pour that into a pie crust and make a pot pie.  Good times, and you never really think of it as eating leftovers.

7.  Today is the Auburn-Alabama football game, also known as the Iron Bowl. The families that were together yesterday will now be divided again.  Actually, are there any families in the state of Alabama that have both Auburn and Alabama fans?

8. Our Christmas tree is up.  Penguins seem to predominate the tree, as if they were a planned motif.  We just like them.  Although we seem to have just about every 5-member family penguin ornament from Calliope Designs.  We'll have to either repeat one next year or find a sixth family member.

That's about it….


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