Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday, June 27 Services

Text: Matthew 12:22-37

Theme: Judgment

Date: June 20, 2010 AM

Location: CBC Monticello

  1. United

    1. The Kingdom of God has a singular focus

    2. Do you? If we do not, then we are working against the Kingdom

  2. Forgiven

    1. Unforgivable: to blaspheme the Spirit:

      1. How? I want to avoid this, really.

      2. Do not ignore the Spirit as if He is not God

      3. Listen to the conviction: of sin, of need for salvation

    2. Forgivable: anything else

      1. Including insulting the Son of God

      2. Not an exhaustive list

      3. Rather a “this really awful thing is forgivable so everything else is too”

  3. Visible

    1. Hypocrisy shows un—Kingdom involvement

    2. Visible evil shows against the Kingdom

    3. Make it all good

    4. Words: the things we speak

    5. Words and deeds go hand in hand

    6. It will be obvious by your words and deeds

    7. This is how you will judged:

      1. That your life has been Christ's or not:

      2. Your words will be evidence.



Evening Sermon Outline:

Text: Philippians 4:4-7

Theme: Rejoice when?

Date: June 6 2010 PM

Location: CBC Monticello

  1. We are here commanded to rejoice always.

    1. It's not given optionally

    2. It is a command

  2. I cannot rejoice always

    1. Life is not always good

    2. Life is not always fair

    3. Life is not always joyful

  3. Paul gives us how to know how to rejoice always:

    1. The Lord is near.

      1. This is the key to all of these commands

      2. We have not been abandoned

      3. The Lord is near:

        1. He knows who does what

        2. He knows where we are

        3. He knows when we'll need to go

  4. So, we can:

    1. Rejoice in all things:

      1. Jesus Christ, who died for me, is near

      2. I can, therefore, rejoice in His nearness if nothing else

    2. Have a gentle spirit

      1. Jesus Christ, who died for me, is near

      2. I can, therefore, be gentle and follow His example of gentleness

    3. Not be anxious

      1. Jesus Christ, who died for me, is near

      2. I can, therefore, rest unanxiously in His care

    4. Have my heart guarded by peace

      1. Jesus Christ, who died for me, is near

      2. I can, therefore, trust that I am guarded by His peace

  5. The joyous life is not based in the surface of our circumstances

  6. Neither is it in our ignoring those circumstances

  7. Joy is found because of the underlying truth:


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