June 6, 2010 Sermons


Text: Matthew 11:25-28

Theme: Weight

Date: June 6, 2010 AM

Location: CBC Monticello

  1. Every where we look, we see tired people

    1. They are burdened by life

    2. They try to ease their burdens the wrong ways:

      1. Drugs

      2. Alcohol

      3. Gambling

      4. Sex

      5. Bad relationships

  2. Ways we misunderstand this

    1. We don't have to do anything

    2. God won't put more on us than we can bear

    3. That we work for God but not with Him

  3. What it means

    1. There is effort to following Christ

    2. There is Never Solo Effort

  4. What we should do

    1. Our weariness shows that we are not working with Christ

      1. Typically by attempting to bear burdens He hasn't given us

      2. By not following His commands

    2. Come to Him, let Him give us rest

    3. Carry what He expects, and nothing else

  5. Being yoked with Christ allows us:

    1. Rest

    2. Guidance

    3. Meaningful work


I didn't preach my outline for Sunday night---changed sermons and scribbled notes between 6 and 6:30, so there's audio but no outline.


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