Frustration Friday revisited

Well, in the interest of fairness, the primary culprit of our financial issue is not our renters. While they do bear responsibility for their finances, because they aren't members of Congress or Presidential appointees, the fault lies also with their bank.

I should have realized this when I saw they bank with Regions. Apparently, the problem truly hit when they deposited their tax refund check with Regions (perhaps a RapidTax Refund Anticipation loan or something like that. Which are not really good things if you can help it. Get your refund filed electronically, and direct deposited. we're talking a 10 day turnaround, and a lot less cost.). Anyway, Regions put a hold on the check. Basically, Regions wasn't sure if the check was good or legit or something, and so they had money in their account.

But the bank wouldn't let them spend it. So, bouncing back comes their rent check.

Now, every bank has their own policies. But this is ridiculous.


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