Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My knee hurts

I was just sitting here at my desk, looking at the piles of stuff in various locations. Yes, so far, I'm still organized by 'piles.' There's the 'stuff that I know I need but don't know where to put' pile, the 'stuff that I know where to put' pile, the 'stuff to be gotten rid of'' pile, and the 'stuff that needs to be given to someone else' pile. Oh, and the 'stuff that I know where it goes but can't put it there because there's a pile of stuff in the way' pile. The upside is that I have 3 very neat file drawers in my desk....hmmm, maybe I should do something with that?

Anyway, since I have the freedom to do it, and since the weather was nice, I walked to the office today. It was good, I had a great prayer time as I went. I listened to a good sermon as I went home for lunch, had a great praise time as I went back. All this, and still got across 425 without getting splatted. But as I sit here, I'm noticing a little pain in the knee. now, I don't have an excuse for the knee hurting. It's not a football injury (didn't play organized, and only got a concussion from dis-organized). It's not a band injury, that was the wrist. It's not even a Boy Scout or rappelling injury. It's just that my knee doesn't like for me to exercise. Especially when I need to drop at least 20 pounds. The problem is that I need to walk and drop those pounds. The pain is trying to keep me from doing what I need to do so I won't have the pain.

Spiritually, I think we do the same thing. It's hard to get up and focus our days on the Lord. It's hard to tithe. It's hard to plan our weekend around being at church on Sunday. The list goes on. But all of these things get easier with habit. Or, at least, they get ingrained into our stubbornness, even if they aren't easier. My knee will probably hurt tomorrow, but I will walk again. And again, and again, as long as the weather holds. You see, the benefit outweighs the pain.

We need to make the habits that it takes for us to live out our faith. You see, it's not about making us look good for this life, it's about making us fit for an eternity with Christ. How will we worship Him in heaven if we can't make it a habit here? How will we rest in His total provision there if we haven't learned to trust Him here? These things are the little habits of Christ-likeness that we need to cultivate now, so that they will produce a harvest in eternity.

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