I'm still annoyed

I'll admit it. I'm annoyed with my lack of electricity. I understand that there are people worse off, but it's still frustrating to have no power when people right down the road have it!!! Of course, I could do so much better running the power company!!!

Sure I could. I would make sure no one was annoyed by the fact that people on a different part of the grid had power when they didn't. I'd shut off the whole state every time there was an outage. Then, when it was fixed, everything would work right!!

This reminds me of a song by Wayne Watson. It's titled "If I were You" and it's about how we might handle being on God's throne. The basic gist is that we are all a little to self-centered and self-righteous to have God's power. And he's right.

All that leads me to be convicted that I'm alright without electricity. But I'm still annoyed.


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