Sermon Recap for September 13

Well, after an upload that took unnecessarily longer than it should have, here are the sermons from yesterday. As of last night, we have started our Introducing the Bible series with Genesis, Part 1. It’s going to take a little more than a year to get through all of the Bible, so come join us!

Morning Sermon: Basics of Prayer: The Foundation (audio)

September 14 AM Matthew 6

Text: Matthew 6:5-8

Date & Place: Sept 14 AM EEBCAR

Title: Prayer: The Foundation

Primary Theological Point: What should we learn? Prayer is centered in our relationship with God

Primary Practical Point: What should we do? Pray.

Take Home Action: Two points: pray specifically about DJSO; Set a prayer appointment.

Evening Sermon: Introducing Genesis Part I (audio)

Genesis Part I Slide Show

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