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Sermon Recap for September 21

Alright, we’re back to semi-normal around here, so that means two sermons per Sunday. That should hold true until the last Sunday in October.

Morning Sermon: Obedience in the Midst of Chaos: A Lesson from Esther 


Sept 21 AM Esther from Doug Hibbard on Vimeo.


Evening Sermon: The Mighty Acts of God Psalm 105


Psalm 105 from Doug Hibbard on Vimeo.

Morning Outline: Esther

We serve God in the chaos of life, even when we cannot see how He is working.

I. (3 minutes) Front Porch: We serve God in the chaos of life, even when we cannot see how He is working.

A. Today, we are looking at Esther--yes, the whole book. Rather than highlighting one particular passage, I want us to consider the entire story of Esther, Haman, and Purim

B. Delivery of sentence: How do we serve God in the chaos of life? How do we handle it when we cannot see how He is working?

     C. Transition

II. (3 minutes) Entryway:

     A. Do we really need to talk about chaos in life?

     B. Ok, let's talk: jobs--running to and fro, seeking to survive.

     C. This is life for far too many of us--

          1. How many nights are you home?

          2. For some of you, average that over the year--I know you're not home at harvest time

III. (2-3 minutes) Hallway:

A. Unknown authorship, post-exilic-

     B. Some of the Jews have returned

     C. Esther addresses the situation of those who remain in the Persian capital

IV. (3-5 minutes, only if necessary) Sitting Room:

     A. Historicity: there are some questions, however there are evidences that support the possibility

     B. Do not underestimate the whims of authoritarian kings--Vashti may have returned

     C. Ahasuerus=Xerxes I (most sources) 485-465 (time of construction of Parthenon

     D. Banquet was likely war planning/celebration: related to Thermopylae (SPARTA!!!)

V. (5-7 minutes) Kitchen:the book of Esther highlights these aspects of theology:

     A. God is sovereign even when anonymous

     B. God is capable of keeping His promises

     C. God's people always have enemies

VI. (7-9 Minutes) Dining Room (personal growth)/Living Room (immediate life application)

     A. Dining Room (personal growth): Our inability to see God at work does not mean He is not

     B. Living Room (immediate life application): What is one step of obedience to God in your work right now?

10:10 ->no plundering: remember that the goal is not to deprive others of what they have, nor is it truly revenge but it is to spread the Word of God

VII. (3-5 Minutes) The Door: wide world impact

     A. Do not lay down your rights--

     B. Also, do not sit idly by while others are deprived of theirs!

     C. Proclaim, boldly, who you are.


Evening Outline: Psalm 105

I. (3 minutes) Front Porch: God provides, disciplines, and empowers that we might obey Him and praise Him!

A. Psalm 105

II. (3 minutes) Entryway: Does it seem like the world does not reflect the work of God

III. (2-3 minutes) Hallway: A post-exilic Psalm

     A. Authorship is uncertain--

     B. Reflects Israel after the Exile

V. (5-7 minutes) Kitchen: God's glory is clear, even through judgment and salvation

VI. (7-9 Minutes) Dining Room (personal growth)/Living Room (immediate life application)

     A. Dining Room (personal growth): The value of knowing what God hath done

     B. Living Room (immediate life application): Implement efforts to learn more and teach more

VII. (3-5 Minutes) The Door: wide world impact: Our worship includes recounting and remembering what God has done. Do not be silent about all of His works


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