Monday, March 25, 2013

Sermon Wrap-Up for March 24

Sunday Morning was our Choir Presentation, so there is no video from that. Here is the evening sermon:

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I. Did Jesus expect to be arrested that night?

A. Yes: Note what occurs during the Last Supper, vv. 27-35

B. Yes: Note what Matthew says in v. 56: this is the fulfillment of promise

C. Yes: Note what Jesus said in Mark 10:45: He came to give His life

II. Was the life of Jesus tragically shortened?

A. No: death on the Cross when it happened was His plan

B. No: cannot shorten the life of the Eternal One

1. John 1

2. Hebrews 10:20

III. Did Jesus expect the disciples to be arrested with Him?

A. No: He knew He would be abandoned

B. No: Judas’ presence to betray Him shows this

IV. Could anything have prevented His arrest?

A. The Hands of Men

1. A true commitment to justice

2. Peter with his sword

B. The Hosts of Heaven

1. More than a dozen legions of angels

a) That is a lot of angels

b) 12 legions of Romans=at least 72,000

c) The Romans used only 4 to conquer and destroy Jerusalem in AD 70

                                    d) Jesus can call on more than that

C. The Power of God

1. Take a quick look at John 18:6

2. The very voice of Jesus knocks down the arresting force

V. Was there any other way but the way of the Garden?

A. The Father would have offered it

B. The Son would have taken it

C. Yet without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins

VI. What, then, shall we do?

  1. Recognize that Jesus chose to go the Cross through the Garden
  2. Recognize that He have all willingly
  3. Commit to do the same

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