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Random thoughts for Saturday

Yes, I'm enjoying doing my "Through the Whole Bible" series here on the blog, but I wanted to take a break. I haven't done a random thoughts post in months, and my random thoughts are backing up.

Here you go:

1. The homeschool convention we attended last week was considerably more fun than the Southern Baptist Convention meetings. Some seminars were more sales and less help, but most were basically helpful with a closing line of "and we can sell you this to make it even easier." The great thing was that most of those folks were more interested in being helpful than they were in selling. They still sold plenty, I think.

2. I enjoy doing book reviews, but would really love to review firearms if someone would send me test subjects. Especially Springfield Armory or Just Right Carbines (.308 and .40S&W, respectively).

3. Am I the only one that thinks there should be a break in Presidential Campaign season at this point? The Republicans are going with Mitt Romney. The Democrats are going with President Obama. Can we now put off the arguing, the polling, and the pointless dog arguments until September?

4. We don't have cable or satellite and get our news either through broadcast, the internet, or the grapevine. Guess what? The world goes on, and we sleep at night. Behind locked doors and with a disaster plan, but we still sleep at night. We do miss out on various explosions of crazy in this world, but we keep up with most of what truly affects our lives.

5. Perhaps the campaign would go better if couched in sports terms. Here we go, ready for the "Big Vote Event." On the one side, the GOP sends forth a new starter, having competed at other levels, but his first shot at the big time, coming in 0-0, weighing heavily on our minds…..Mitt Romney!

And opposing him, defending his 1-0 record in national election, the Democrats will go with last time's winner, President Barrack Obama! He's tall, he doesn't hunt elephants, and he would save the country on moving expenses come January 20, 2013…

Security for the "Big Vote Event" will be high, as some other groups are expected to disrupt the situation. Whether it's skydivers or streakers, expect a few third-party folks to come crashing through….

(Note, though, that picking between these two really feels like deciding whether I'd like to run over my foot with the car or the van, so I'd be inclined toward a third option if that option stood a better chance of winning than I do of being elected to the Arkansas Legislature in 2014.)

6. The Braves are leading the Mets in the race for the NL East. That's cool, because we all know what happened last year when we were in the lead, right?

7. Also in Braves news, there is unfortunately no certainty that Braves Shortstop #1 will enter the ministry upon retirement. If he would, though, he'd be Pastor Pastornicky. And that would be fun.

8. Vanderbilt University has a policy that official student groups cannot use a religious test for leadership. That will be interesting to see how it plays out—it seems that some groups exist for the purpose of promoting their religious beliefs. How are they going to handle that? What will they do if a non-drinking student joins a fraternity? There will be much tension there, won't there?

9. We're checking out this stuff called Choffy. It's kind of like coffee, but more like hot chocolate, but without the calories. It's quite yummy. Check it out here.

10. If I didn't have my Kindle Fire for an organizer, I wouldn't know how far behind in everything I am!


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