Move the Stone! Easter 2012

.Blog note: Through the Whole Bible should return tomorrow, April 10.

Further blog note: I would have liked to post a podcast from the Community Sunrise Service, but a minor glitch happened and there's not one. My apologies, again, to Almyra United Methodist for the invitation.

Sermon Audio Link Here (Alternate Link Here)

John 20:1

The stone is gone

  1. Moved so that others may see
  2. Moved to not be an obstacle

What did we need to see?

  1. That He is Risen
  2. Therefore sin is forgiven
  3. Therefore death has no sting

How are you blocked by stone today?

  1. In yourself (sins, attitudes, habits)
  2. For others (public attitudes, debatable issues, kingdom confusion)
  3. As a church?


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