Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Preview

I would apologize for my lack of content lately, but instead I'll just go ahead and issue everyone refunds on your March subscription payments. Then, I'll make sure April is really worth the money. Actually, nobody has complained or even really noticed that I didn't blog most of March. I'm not sure if there's been a gaping hole in your lives that you just couldn't bring yourself to talk about or if you were just being gracious. Whatever the case may be, thanks for coming back.

Just as an aside, though, does anyone else get a little aggravated when people go to heavy duty complaining about things like Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook not doing exactly what you want them to do? It's one thing when say, FedEx, doesn't even bother to try to deliver your package: you paid for that service, they should deliver. What did you pay Twitter? Facebook? Not a dime---so take a deep breath and read a book when they go down. Make a <gasp> phone call…

I thought I'd give you a quick look into the coming days:

First of all, BookTuesday will return with a strong month. We've got Heaven Revealed by Paul Enns, The Treasure Principle from Randy Alcorn, Time with God for Fathers by (well, I'm not sure, it's at the office), and nearly most exciting: Max on Life by Max Lucado. Most months, this book would top my list for the month. However, Andy Andrews has a new book coming out on April 12, The Final Summit. This one tops my list of exciting books for the month.

Monday sermon links will continue, and this month those sermons will come from Matthew's recording of the Passion Week of Christ.

Beyond that, now that the house saga is actually, apparently, behind us, I'm hoping to be able to breathe enough to produce some daily thoughts. I've also got school to work on, but I'm hoping to be a little more out put oriented than I have been.

Life moments that are rolling along that will bring some blog thoughts include the tree planting and garden planting. Then there's politics, which I've avoided for a little while, but I'm about ready to say a few things. I'm waiting to see what kind of nonsense the Arkansas Legislature does with state Congressional Districts.

Now, dear reader, a question for you: what type of content do you want to see from me? I will find something to say, certainly, but are there subjects you'd like to see? Matters better left unsaid?

Yes, a blog is primarily monologue, but what type of monologue do you want to hear?

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