Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pros, Cons, Progress and Congress

"If pro and con are opposites, what does that say about progress and Congress?"

Today, the new Congress gathers.  For the last 2 years, the ruling party of Democrats have claimed the Republicans have blocked them from doing what they wanted.  The Republicans have claimed the Democrats have done what they wanted, and that's why they're now in charge, to fix the mess.  To both of them, here's what I have to say:

1.  Shut up and get to work.  Both of you spend so much time attacking each other that you can't possibly be also listening to the people you're supposed to represent.  You know, the citizens? That whole "For the people" concept?

2.  Alongside that: cut out the "procedural vote" method of hiding what you voted for.  Seriously.  Bring the actual bills to the floor and vote on them, rather than killing them through votes that aren't actual votes.  Do something to produce an actual record.

3.  We have 10% unemployment, and something like an additional 15% under-employed.  Taking more money from the people that have jobs will not help the unemployed.

4.  Neither will allowing companies to book giant profits and tax breaks for moving more jobs overseas.

5.  Free trade is great, except when it allows companies to destroy people's lives and the environment by manufacturing in non-regulated environments.

6. Part of the marriage debate centers over the idea that there are some 1500 or more federal benefits to being 'married' over being in a 'civil union' or whatever.  If the government is capable of handing out 1500 benefits to married people, the government is doing too much. Seriously.  I don't know where those benefits are, but that's insane.  The ability to file 1 tax return that combines her deduction and mine is 1 that makes sense, and survivor benefits for Social Security makes sense, but what else are you doing?

7.  You can't keep spending more than you take in. You probably can't take in any more than you are now without paralyzing the economy. You think you can't spend less without paralyzing the economy. Something's got to give. 

8.  We know that you all ran for your jobs claiming certain ideals.  We also know that you probably won't keep half of your promises.  We are watching you.

9. Especially to my Republican friends: I've said this before "treat as you would be treated, not as you were treated."  You've complained about a lack of respect, a lack of compromise, a lack of work with.  Revenge is for later.  Play a football game or something for that revenge. Be what you wish the other side had been.

10.  You are all supposed to be there for the good of the country.  Guess what? The country expects it from you. Leave the regional battling, the my area first bickering, and what-not for college football. Congress does not exist to help 1 state or 1 of 435 districts.  The Fed exists to help 50 states, all 435 districts.


Now, get to work.




  1. Bro. Hibbard,

    Sorry for clicking on the wrong blog.

    To briefly reiterate, all of this just does not add up. I can rationalize just about every other facet of life but this. If I am good enough to be named top employee of the quarter, good enough to go back to school and obtain a degree while working, why can't I be good enough for someone to take as a husband?

    Sadly, I am afraid that as i mentioned earlier, I believe I may have been born in the wrong time frame. But I still have to believe there is someone out there that would be attracted to someone as myself. You would think they would view it as being a safe haven, away from all of the commotion and artificiality of modern culture. Again as i said earlier, I have as of yet to know for sure. Because no one has afforded me the opportunity. I guess they had rather have the unstable, drunkards, abusers, and so forth. But I intend to fight until the bitter end. God Bless.

  2. Anon,

    Like with many things, the process is more complex and sometimes backwards. You say that you will fight, you lament that your accomplishments are not enough.

    Yet is not love a reflection of the Grace of God? Are you not, in truth, seeking to demonstrate your merit and perhaps take, when what you seek is something that must be given and can never be earned?

    Beyond this, I would encourage you to focus your efforts and attentions on being obedient to God. Find a local church where you are, become a part of the family there, and seek the better things for others. In time, as your focus shifts off of yourself, you will find whatever God has for you in this area.

    More than this, I cannot guide you. You need to seek guidance from someone who can teach and guide you in all parts of life, not just this one aspect. May God bless you with peace while you seek Him.


  3. Bro,

    I happened to catch you comment on Mr. Barber's blog concerning this post. How do you know where I live, if you don not mind me asking? As far as I know, we do not know each other. I did not think an annonymous post would give out the senders's location? Or does it? What about other information as well? I trust you are not one of these computer hackers. The Lord just may be giving me a sign to completely forsake this computer blogging. I know for a fact it has ruined many people and homes. So tell me Brother, how do you know where i live?

  4. As a post script, I believe a lot of other well intentioned people would be well serves also to know what information is capable of being seen about them, when they post something on a website. God Bless.

  5. Your webserver was based in that area. That's how, the Google Analytics that most websites use will show where visits are from. Yours was from that area.

    Your computer, every time you visit a website, leaves a trail back to where you visited from. Most basic web analysis tools can tell a person's general location, what web browser they used, and where they came to a site from and where they left it to go to. This happens whether you mark yourself "anonymous" or not. It would take someone with knowledge, skill, and interest to determine more, though it's not too difficult.


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