Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17 2009

Daily Journal—September 17 th, 2009

Romans 14:1-12 →V. 1 is a quick “ouch.” Don't involve those weaker in faith just to beat them down. Or to judge and try and correct them or change them. (note: Paul isn't talking about accepting heresyoruntruth, we're probably talking about those that today go back and forth between pre-, post-, mid- trib or other debatable points of Scripture {and yes, those are debatable points. Just because everyone thinks theirs is the only right interpretation doesn't prove anything}) v. 4 is really the core issue: none of us as believers are entitled to judge other believers as we are all servants of the same Lord, who will handle judging all of us.

Romans 14:7-8 →nothing here but serious conviction. I'll be praying over this one. Not for the loophole, but for the commitment to live this way. It's so easy to take a verse like this and add “Yeah, but....” to it. No “yabbuts” allowed here: live for the Lord, die for the Lord, we are the Lord's.

Let's take this passage and learn from it: There are a great many things that are more about personal preference than they are about truth. What are you doing that holds back God working in you, the church you serve and attend, the community you're in, the world, that is because of your preference? Music, architecture, scheduling? Get rid of it. Please.

Psalm 105 and Psalm 106 (Lifeway ETB Sunday School) →The headings used for Sunday School this week seem cliché, but are still remarkably true. After all, just because it's a cliché doesn't make it false, just overused. The 1st: God is faithful, and we see that in the remembrance of His covenant keeping. What ways do you see God's faithfulness in His covenant with you? The 2nd: People are forgetful. No, really, they are. How quick we cast aside the great works of God on our behalf because right NOW nothing seems right. And so we need the 3rdpoint: God's mercy is amazing: realize that God is always merciful to His people. We are not dealt with according to our sins. Praise God for that!

Proverbs thoughts are on the Proverbs blog! The Reflections on Proverbs Blog is a group blogging project that will look, nearly everyday, at each chapter of Proverbs. Check it out!

Joshua 1:2 →People die. Earthly leadership transitions. God remains the same: Sovereign and Faithful, Eternal and Almighty.

Romans 1:1 →Am I living set apart? Set apart for what? My gospel? Nonsense. This is about the Gospel that is God's good news. It's about sharing His word. Am I faithful to that? Can I get back to you with that answer?

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