Monday, June 5, 2017

Sermon Recap for June 4

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Sunday AM: Psalm 89 (audio)

Passage: Psalm 89
Old Testament
Retells of the Greatness of God
O such strictness toward the righteous! O such abundant forgiveness toward the sinner! He finds so many different means, without himself changing, to keep the righteous in check and forgive the sinner, by usefully dividing his rich goodness.
John Chrysostom
God’s ownership of all things...
God’s bringing of order through the Holy Spirit—Spirit-indwelt believers are His hands for that//Acts 1:6-8
  1. Salvation—looking at the wrath of God at sinners and greatness of God, how can we neglect His salvation any longer?
  2. Embrace the power of God in your life—the Holy Spirit works through you
  3. That may be tough—growth is not an automatic thing. You have to work, discipline—just as a garden grows with work.

Sunday Evening: Micah (Audio)

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