Thursday, September 29, 2016

Learning for Life

Today, I should be writing something about politics. Or food. Or how food affects politics. That would be a good one.

Instead, though, I’m in class all day. Well, technically, it’s a “Pastor’s Conference.” But I’m back at Ouachita Baptist University for the day. Ann and I will be with the School of Christian Studies faculty (back in our day, they were the Biblical Studies Department) learning about….MALACHI!

That’s right. 6 hours in Malachi. And we won’t scratch the surface.

Then, over the weekend, we’ll both peruse a few articles in the latest Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (I need to renew that subscription). Why?

Because we learn for life. It’s necessary. For us, we mainly do this in areas like Biblical Studies, communications, history, but we also love places like science museums and art galleries. The world is a big place.

The God who created it is a big God, after all. And loving God with all that we are means we are not going to put our brains in “park” and stop growing in our understanding.

So, back to normal blog stuff next week. Whatever that is around here—considering I start back on the Ph.D. this week—and we’ll look at everything from politics to what I’ve been learning about taking Sabbath.

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  1. It is so very nice to have a pastor recommending lifelong education. It seems leadership these days often feels challenged by those of us who are lifelong learners. Life is huge...ginormous even, and there is just so terribly much of out there to experience. God has provided for us a multitude of ways to enjoy His presence; he has given us authors, sculptors, painters, actors, musicians, artisans, bakers, chefs, scientists, engineers....and the list goes on. Sadly, I've found many Christians limit their experiencing of God to 2 or 3 specific arenas. There is nothing wrong with church, the Bible, and denominational fellowship groups...God is just so much BIGGER......bigger than life even.


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