Sermon Recap from June 28

We had the Vacation Bible School recap in the evening, so there’s just the morning sermon. But I did have a voice all day!

Morning Sermon: John 1:14-18 “In the Middle of People” (Audio)

Title: "In the Middle of People"

Primary Theological Point: Jesus is fully God in the flesh

Primary Practical Point: Be in the middle of life, seeking those who need God

Textual Points:

  1. Setting: Still in the Prologue but addressing "prehistoric" matters
  2. Events: Incarnation
  3. Connections: theophanies of the OT/explanation of God in Christ's person.
  4. Law/Grace and Truth: difference between given and realized/became. Idea is that both existed, one was shown and the other was done.

Preach Points:

  1. Church: the church does not exist to be clean and pristine, but to be filled inside with those needing Christ and going outside to those needing Him
  2. Salvation: Jesus came in the flesh to save those of us who live in the flesh--including you. He took all of our sin because He could, as fully God and fully Human
  3. Mission: Get out there and be amidst the people who need Jesus
  4. Families: don't mail it in, be with one another

Take Home Action: Live present with others. Take the time to be fully present. And share with others that God Himself put on all the foibles and troubles of flesh to find and save His own.


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