Monday, June 1, 2015

Sermon Recap for May 31

Good morning! Here are yesterday's sermons;

Morning sermon: 1 Kings 18 (audio)

1 Kings 18: Five People

I. Ahab
     1. Does not recognize his faults
     2. Does not recognize the truth--returns to eating and drinking!
II. Elijah
     1. Knows the problem
     2. Does not know the breadth of God's people
III. Obadiah
     1. Serves the people and the king and the Lord God
     2. Who is his master? He greets Elijah as such, but Elijah refers to Ahab as his master
IV. The Prophets of Ba'al
     1. Fools. Damned fools, in the literal sense
     2. Mistake passion for truth
V. The people of Israel
     1. Floating, wavering

     2. Time to stop.

Evening Sermon: Jude (audio)

Thank you, Almyra Baptist, for allowing me the privilege to be your pastor.

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