Sermon Recap April 12

Good morning! Here are the sermons from yesterday:

Morning Sermon: John 20:19-31 (audio)


Sermon: John 20:19-31


1. Doubts are ______ (normal)

2. Doubts can come from _____________ (isolation)

3. Doubts are willing to be _____ (answered)

4. Doubts are one reason why God _____________ (preserved Scripture)

Evening Sermon: Deuteronomy 6:6-7 (audio)



Concluding Notes:

1. I do have the rough audio of Sunday Night’s Q&A session, but I’m not sure yet that it’s useful for posting.

2. I am not sure how to improve video quality with the current equipment.

3. If you want to subscribe, here’s a list:

A. iTunes for audio subscription link is here.

B. General Audio RSS feed for other programs is here.

C. If you’re a Stitcher User, the link is here

D. For Youtube Video, subscribe here:

E. Some videos are up on Vimeo, but budget constraints have ended my posting to Vimeo for the time being.

4. Yes, I think I’m not getting a lot of plays on each service or hits on each blog, but in total it’s a decent reach. A social media expert might suggest changes, but this is free-to-cheap, where I have to live right now.

5. Each blog has a “Follow” button and a “Subscribe via Email” option

6. Follow on Facebook: Doug’s Page or the First Baptist Almyra Page


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