Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sermon Wrap-up March 4: Nehemiah 8 and 9

Here are the sermon outlines and audio links for March 4:

Morning Audio Link (and alternate) for Nehemiah 8

Evening Audio Link (and alternate) for Nehemiah 9

Morning outline:

Nehemiah 8

The Reading of the Law

Who comes?

1. Men

2. Women

3. All who could understand (most children)

In short, no one is excluded from the Word of God

Explanation by those who knew it...


From "The light until midday:" 6 hours? Really? Very likely: from sunrise until around noon


In the middle of town

What happened next?




The restoration of the Feast of Booths from Leviticus 23


1. Unity of the people

2. Study of the Word

3. Obey what is obvious

4. Repent

5. Rejoice that God has allowed time for repentance!


Evening Outline:

Nehemiah 9




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