Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book Review: Really Woolly Bible Stories

Book Review: Really Woolly Bible Stories

Really Woolly Bible Stories

Yes, I chose to review and light and fluffy book. Well, fluffy at least. Sheep aren't light. Ann and I have been swapping Really Woolly cards and gifts for quite some time, and my daughter has a Really Woolly Bible, although I think that's really just the cover. So, naturally, I thought I'd take a read at the Really Woolly Bible Stories book, since we're kind of fond of those sheep around my house.

First observation: this is a board book. There are not very many pages, and not very many stories. However, if you've been in the board book market, you know this, and are not surprised by it.

Second: the writing: you've got Bible stories in short, rhymed verse. It's cute. It's not Shakespeare, but why should it be? The writer has kept the Biblical concepts clear and not diluted anything presented. This is a big plus in my accounting. Many children's Bible story books are overly concerned with cute and non-scary writing and miss the points of several stories. It's better to not tell the story than to water it down if you don't feel kids can handle that story.

Third: the artwork: It's sheep. They're cute, and there's a duck involved too. If you have seen Really Woolly cards or artwork or gifts, you know what you're getting: cute sheep.

My kids are old enough now that they don't chew up or throw around board books, so I haven't truly durability tested this book. It seems well made, and as a children's item should be.

If you need a cute book for a toddler this Christmas, it wouldn't be a bad choice to get them the Really Woolly Bible Story book. It's certainly a better choice than some annoying noisy toy!


No money changed hands in exchange for this review. All I got was a book, all they got was the opportunity to demand a review. That it's favorable is my own choosing, and the author/artists for creating something worth a favorable review. Check out Booksneeze from Thomas Nelson so that you, too, can get free books in exchange for reviews.

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