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Sunday Sermons May 16

Above is the music player.  The AM file contains the entire service, while the evening file is just the sermon.  Here are the sermon outlines:

Text: Matthew 10:5-15

Theme: First Things First

Date: May 16, 2010

Location: CBC Monticello

  1. First Action: Go to those around you.

    1. The disciples are sent to the children of Israel

    2. These are the people they have encountered all their lives

    3. They will, eventually, scatter across the whole world

    4. We have a responsibility to start here

    5. And then we go on

  2. First Purpose: Preach the kingdom

    1. Everything else proceeds from this point.

    2. The church is not here solely to do social work

    3. Neither is the church here to be a social club

    4. Our lives are meant to be wrapped around preaching the Kingdom

  3. First Evidence: Heal, raise, cleanse, cast out.

    1. There are certain problems that interfere with people hearing of the Kingdom

    2. Do what God has enabled you to do about those problems:

      1. The Disciples prayed and miracles happened

      2. God has given you gifts to use: Spiritual, emotional, financial, mental, physical

  4. First Test: Do not be sidelined to pursue comfort

    1. The disciples go out with just enough

    2. They must rely on people to provide what they will need

    3. There is no promise they will receive anything

    4. There is instruction that, even if offered, they should turn down comfort or back-up provisions

  5. First Promise: You will be defended by God as your sender

    1. Notice that Jesus does not say that the disciples will be protected

    2. He only states that those who do not receive their words will be worse off than Sodom.

    3. There's no guarantee of acceptance or of success.

    4. Only that God has commanded you to do it!

→ Freely give of what you received: the forgiveness of God


Text: Philippians 4:1-3

Theme: Stand Firm!

Date: May 16, 2010 PM

Location: CBC Monticello

  1. Stop bickering!

    Euodia and Syntyche as examples.

    → Feud source is not explained

    → It is not a fight over truth

      → else Paul would have chosen sides

→ They are instructed to live in harmony

→ Someone referred to as “loyal yokefellow” or “true companion” is to help → some translators take as a name “Syzygus”

→ Name/meaning: Barnabas

→ Note: no one's salvation or commitment to Christ is in doubt. This is a dispute within the family. However, it's big enough that Paul addresses it from a distance.

→ Application:

→What makes a petty dispute? Anything that holds a person more responsible to you for their actions than they are to the God who made them, the Savior who died for them.

→What makes a petty dispute? Anything that, in light of eternity, looks silly. If no one will be drawn into or pushed away from the Kingdom of God for it, it's petty.

→What makes a petty dispute? Placing ourselves,our traditions, even our needs as more important than the spread of the Gospel, the making of disciples.

→ What makes a petty dispute? Allowing the prevailing culture to define our Christianity, rather than expecting the prevailing culture to clash with the demands of our faith.

→Church squabbles distract from what is important. They result from losing focus on what our purpose is:

The struggle for the cause of the Gospel.

      1. To live for Christ

      2. To preach Christ

      3. To know Christ and His suffering

    1. Are we willing to do this? Are we willing to set aside the bickering? Paul called the Philippians to unite for the labor that the apostles had called them to for the sake of Christ.

    2. Are we willing to unite for the labor the Holy Spirit calls us to do?


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