Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Word for Word

I've recently begun using speech recognition software that is built into my computer. I'm attempting to use it to write blog posts into dictates different things. One of the difficulties of using the software is that records everything I say how it thinks I said it

Unfortunately, the computer doesn't exactly understand me. There are times the computer hears me say one thing when I really said another. There are other times when I fail to tell the computer exactly what it is that I mean.

One of the keys to using speech recognition is to be consistent with your voice. If you will not speak consistently, the computer doesn't know what you mean. It takes using a clear voice without distraction for the computer to understand you.

It has me wondering how many times we falter in our churches the same way that voice recognition software falters.

1.)  We don't understand each other because sometimes we're not listening. Sometimes the noise of life drowns out our ability to hear. We must learn to focus our attention and hear what's really being said.

2.)  We sometimes make the mistake of only hearing exactly what has been said. We need to learn to hear what's not being said. And we need to hear what people mean, what people feel, and what people think by paying attention to their words, their expressions, and their actions.

3.) We must learn to speak consistently. We must learn to match our words to our actions. We must learn to match our words to our beliefs. We must learn to be stable in all three no matter what the world throws at us.

As I have dictated this to my computer, I've had to correct errors, prevent bad commands, and repeat myself. It has almost been an exercise in frustration, but it's getting better. Yesterday I would not have thought that I could dictate a 300 plus word length blog post using only my voice. However I have already made progress.

It will take patience, effort, perseverance, and forgiveness as we strive to communicate with each other. Yet if we fail to do so, we will not effectively make disciples of all nations because we won't even make disciples of ourselves. We cannot live our faith in a vacuum but rather we live our faith together.

Have a great day.

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