Monday, April 19, 2010

April 18 Sermons

Here are the sermons outlines from April 18. I think I deviated from the outlines more than I typically like to, but you can listen and compare yourself if you'd like.


Text: Matthew 8:18-27

Theme: Discipleship

Date: April 18 2010 AM

Location: CBC Monticello

  1. Text

    1. Seemingly unrelated stories

    2. Scribe: will you follow if there is nowhere to go?

    3. Disciple: will you follow alone?

    4. Disciple: will you follow if it keeps you from following social conventions of today?

    5. Disciples: will you follow through the storm?

  2. Idea:

    1. Following Christ and normal do not mix

    2. There are no guarantees except Him

    3. There are no relationships that come before Him

    4. There are no storms that can stop Him

  3. Practice:

    1. Know His orders

    2. Let go of expectations: there may not be dens or nests; houses or church buildings

    3. Let go of expectation: there will be times that we must reject cultural norms and expectations

  4. Strength

    1. There is no one like Him who can command seas and winds

    2. There is no one like Him who can save us from the storms

    3. There is no one like Him who can command us


Text: Philippians 3:7-11


Date: April 18 2010 PM

Location: CBC Monticello

  1. Have you ever thought about what things you think are gain to you?

    1. Money in the bank

    2. Job security

    3. Family life

    4. Sports success

    5. Fame

    6. Respect at church

  2. Have you ever thought about what things you think are gain to our church?

    1. Money in the bank

    2. Church buildings

    3. Activities

    4. History

    5. Tradition

  3. Have you ever thought about what things you think are gain to our nation?

    1. Trade

    2. Economy

    3. Strong Military

    4. Good leadership

    5. Basic national morality

  4. Guess what?

    1. It's all rubbish compared to knowing Christ

    2. We are called to know Him and to be found in Him

  5. Nationally:

    1. We can be moral, strong, and wealthy without Christ

    2. We as a Christian people must be more concern about the Kingdom than we are about the Empire

  6. As a church

    1. There are churches with amazing buildings that are dead inside

    2. There are churches with adequate funding that do nothing

    3. There are churches overrun with activities and no usefulness

    4. There are churches with extensive histories

    5. There are churches with long-standing traditions

    6. WHAT WILL WE BE? A Church that know Jesus or something else?

  7. As people

    1. Where does your effort go?

    2. How much distraction do the things around you provide to not Know Christ?

    3. Are you living in righteousness?

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