Friday, August 8, 2008

Minor Details

Ok, so we got the van back from Ryburn's Wednesday night, and they had fixed it. Replaced the throttle body controller, 2 O2 sensors, the Map sensor, the sparkplugs, and I'm not even sure what else. I asked what had happened, and they explained that the throttle body controller has a plastic piece on it where the cable from the gas pedal comes into it, and that the plastic piece had broken. (I knew the plastic piece broke. I had duct-taped the cable back into it, because with the plastic piece broken, the car wouldn't go. That was the only way to make the van go.) Moving on, since the throttle controller was now out of balance, too much gas was being dumped into the engine, which fouled up everything else.

This got me thinking about how we sometimes don't pay attention to the little things of life. A little piece of plastic doesn't seem like much, but apparently it's a very significant part of holding together V6 3.3L Flex Fuel Dodge Engines. Without it working right, the whole thing just goes 'splat.'

The little things in our lives sometimes don't seem like much, they are what holds us together, and when we let them slide, we start to fall apart. First it's just that we'll skip reading our Bible today, or we won't pray before this meal, then it's that we just can't quite make this worship service or can't get up for Sunday School. Then, these new habits end up pulling our whole life down. First missing one service a month or so was odd, now missing two is normal. We begin to lose our grip on who we are supposed to be.

So how do we come back? Well, fortunately, the church doesn't charge for repair or even diagnostics! And, most of us already have at least one copy of the manual sitting around the house. We just need to start with the small steps to come back. Dust off the Bible, start to read it. Make the effort to get to Sunday School. Come on back Sunday night! It's not that bad, and there's still plenty of back seats! Start with little steps, and you will be amazed at how far the Lord will bring you.

Watch for some other new things coming on this blog and the church blog. I've got some ideas that we want to share and want you all to see.

Also, hopefully I'll get our Bible Basics information posted to the Google Knol Database soon.


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  1. Great insight. Brings to mind a southern gospel song about being faithful in the "little things" which parallels Luke 16. And it can happen just that quick.


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