Monday, April 17, 2023

Sermon Recap: April 16 2023

 Well, it's been a while since I put the sermons on the blog. They do still live on in the podcast repeaters and the YouTube channel. However, since I'm starting a series in Genesis, I thought I would restart the blog postings.

Here is what you’ll find: there is an audio player with the sermon audios built-in to it, just click to find the one you want. You’ll also find the embedded YouTube videos of each sermon.
If you’d like, you can subscribe to the audio feed here:
Audible Link is coming soon! Search "Doug Hibbard" to see if it's there yet (I know it's available on Amazon Music!)
The video is linked on my personal YouTube Page here:
Sermons are stockpiled here:

You'll noticed on the video that we moved the pulpit off the platform and put it where the first pew used to be...there was just too much physical distance between me and the congregation. The Worship Team still plays from up on the platform because I have not gotten around to redoing all the wiring (and probably won't!) but I needed to be less "on-high and distant" while preaching.


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