Monday, January 10, 2022

January 10: Week in Review

Good afternoon, good evening, good night, or good morning! Here is this Monday’s post, with 3 major components.

First, an out-of-date Sermon Recap. I failed to get last week’s sermon uploaded, so here it is. Sermon was from Ecclesiastes 12, sparked by a friend’s social media question of “If you were preaching the last sermon you would ever preach, what would you preach?” While the actual answer differs based on congregation context—if I were preaching to a group who had never heard the Gospel, I would preach a different sermon than to a church that has heard it for years, especially from me---my answer comes from Ecclesiastes 12. Here it is in video form:

Second, the up-to-date Sermon Recap

More Sermon Info:

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Final Monday Note:

Last week’s book was Four Thousand Weeks:Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman. Very fascinating read, mainly noting that we cannot really manage time well enough to really get *everything* done. We are limited (hence the “Mortals” part of the title). Each chapter was good, although if you’re after straight practicality, jump to the appendix for the “10 tips” list. This was my summary of them:

Appendix points:

  1. Adopt the fixed volume approach to productivity: use two to-do list: “open” and “closed:” work from the “closed” list and add only to it from the “open” list when something is completed. Use pre-determined boundaries: I am working in these hours, and not working outside of these hours.

  2. Serialize, serialize, serialize: postpone everything but 1 item.

  3. Decide in advance what to fail at: choose where to fail rather than failing accidentally; you will come up short on something, so pick the something

  4. Focus on what you have gotten done—note the wins/completions

  5. Consolidate your caring: decide which activism, charity, politics will get our limited attention

  6. Embrace boring and single-purpose technology. Don’t be able to do everything anywhere. Have to do some things in some places.

  7. Seek out novelty in the mundane: or liturgy or worship: be meditative and focus on what is happening now.

  8. Be a ‘researcher’ in relationships: adopt a deliberate attitude of curiosity

  9. Cultivate instantaneous generosity: give on the impulse, whether in funding or even more in contact/relationship, except when you’re doing it to be distracted

  10. Practice doing nothing: embrace the idea that your life is not a commodity but to let things be as they are, do not need to manipulate the experience or the people around you.

That’s it for Monday! Just a reminder, Ann and I still do our Morning Reflection videos. They air live on our Facebook page (that we will, SOMEDAY, do something else with) and then show up on YouTube later.

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