Tuesday, January 5, 2021

January 5 2021: Tuesday night flop

Well, here it is 5 days into the year and I don’t have a blog post written. I also didn’t get a content video made today that I need to get made, and missed the chance to have a necessary conversation with a friend about a situation that affects both of us.

In short: other than getting groceries for Thursday’s breakfast at church (currently a Men’s Breakfast, but we’re seriously contemplating moving to a Church Family Breakfast in February or March), I’ve gotten nothing done.

So what do we do? Well, tomorrow I’ll also double-check the to-do list and see if that’s really the case. That’s the first step: validate feelings by checking facts. The facts may be different—even now I’m thinking about the sermon prep that got done, the church cleaning, the admin task…

Second, it’s end-of-night routine time. So I’m going to run my routine and go to bed. What’s the routine?

1. Thankfulness journal.

2. Brush teeth; do mouthwash.

3. Copy over pending-todo list.

4. Put on Jammies. (Everything’s on the list, folks)

5. Read 1 chapter of a non-fiction/serious book (this is where I read history or other materials that aren’t relevant to my dissertation).

6. Read relaxing fiction until Alexa turns off the lights on schedule. (The program. My wife is named Ann, not Alexa).

7. Pray, rework this week’s Scripture memory, while dozing off.

LATER: wake up when cat makes some form of excessive noise.

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