Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Sermon Recap

Well, it’s the week of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, so I'm running behind on everything. I'm about to have breakfast for Tuesday, I think. All that to say, here's the morning sermon and the video embeds from the ABSC. The sermons from Jamar Andrews and Sonny Tucker are excellent. So is Greg Sykes', and unfortunately I'll be watching the rest of them this week as I was at other activities with the annual meeting and missed those sermons. I have no doubts about their quality, just haven’t seen them yet!

First, though, here’s East End Baptist from October 20th.

(please forgive the proud father moment of linking Angela/Steven doing “For the Cause,” which is Keith and Kristyn Getty’s work and the official hymn of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary into the sermon video. They’re better than me.)

Tuesday night, Sonny Tucker:

Please note that you can go here: to see all the video segments. Right now, Jamar Andrews’ Convention Sermon is only available through that page…he starts at one-hour, 23-minutes in.

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