Monday, January 7, 2019

Sermon Recap for January 6

Sunday night we did questions/answers and I haven’t separated the video yet into a coherent form, so here’s the morning!

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After the burning bush, Moses has gone to Egypt and to Pharaoh...

And nothing has happened.

We got here from the oppression in Chapter 1/2 and the life of Moses in 3/4

Written in Pentateuch, Moses author, language of record is Hebrew (Ancient, not Modern)

Date of events is debated---possibly 15th century BC, possibly 13th,


Moses speaks to Pharaoh on behalf of God

and is ignored

Moses speaks to the people of Israel on behalf of God

and is ignored


Two reasons:

Pharaoh’s Pride

Israelite Oppression


Obeying the Lord God Almighty requires that we listen.

Whether we need to set aside our pride or listen through our troubles



Do what God told you to do!

Tell the World about the Word

Be an active part of a local body

Be an active pray-er

Love your neighbor

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