Monday, November 13, 2017

Sermon Recap for November 12

Here is what you'll find: after each sermon title, there's an "audio" link that allows you to play or download that sermon's audio file. Then there should be an embedded Youtube Link to the sermon.

If you'd like, you can subscribe to the audio feed here: for iTunes users. Other audio feeds go here:

The video is linked on my personal Youtube Page here:


Good evening! Here are the sermon videos for the past couple of Sunday mornings. I could not get the evening video processed from Walter's sermon on November 5, but the audio will be there. Also, last night (Nov 12) didn't really lend itself to video and audio. I think I can extract the parts that will work well for posting, but it'll have to be after I get back from Dallas.

Sunday AM, November 5 (audio)

Sunday PM, November 5 (audio)

Sunday AM, November 12 (audio)

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