Sermon Recap for August 20

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Sunday Morning, August 20

August 20 AM
Passage: 1 Corinthians 10:23-33
Letter to Corinth--a troubled church
Addressing issues of Christian liberty--what are we free to do as living under grace? While addressing the need for personal holiness in life.
Deal with backgrounds of idol-sacrifice-meat and such....
Specifically dealing with questions of food sacrificed to idols but ultimately addressing how we decide what to do with our liberty: do we use it for our good or for God's glory?
Whatever you do--everything for the glory of God
Your work? The Glory of God--not your paycheck but the glory of God
Your family? Not for your glory and legacy, but for the glory of God
Your wisdom, your wealth, your influence....
Your vote. Your political power. Your freedom in this nation....
For the Glory of God.

August 20 Evening Service


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