Monday, July 17, 2017

Sermon Recap for July 16

Good morning!

Before I jet off to Peru, here are the sermons from yesterday. There's an audio player where you can select a sermon to listen to, then there are the two video links to YouTube. Then there are the outlines. When I get back, I'll try to get the baptism video put up. (Yes, the "audio" player looks like a giant video. It's not. Just an audio. Click on "More Episodes" to get the different sermons.)


Passage: Acts 2:38-47


Establishment of the church; Preaching on Pentecost; Apostles holding up the Word


  1. NEED for Jesus
  2. Forgiveness for All
  3. Lord and Messiah!
  4. Then….


The purposes of the church: learning about Jesus, drawing together, worship, and prayer!


  1. come to Christ
  2. Commit to grow
  3. Build fellowship
  4. Worship fully
  5. Pray constantly


Acts 2:1-13


Preaching at Pentecost


We need Jesus
God will work that we come to Christ
No boundaries for the Gospel
Tongue speaking


Pray and seek, God will work



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