Sermon Recap for January 29

Morning: Blind Tradition: Matthew 15 (audio)

Blind Tradition: Matthew 15

Matthew 15:1–14

New Testament Ib: Matthew 14–28 They Do Not Wash Their Hands
Therefore this tradition of the elders is practically useless, for it does not benefit a person’s health.

Sometimes, preachers and teachers get things wrong....

Traditions, Laws, and Hearts


  Good for some things

  Bad for others

They make good  servants  but horrible  masters


  1. Requirements of  God's People

  2. Requirements of  ALL People

  3. A mirror that shows us our need for  GRACE!


  1. Laws  push in , but hearts are  what we are

  2. Cleaning the outside  does nothing

  3. Replacing the  INSIDE matters

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Evening: John 3:16; Romans 6:23 (audio)


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