Monday, March 7, 2016

Sermon Recap for March 6 2016

Good morning! Here are yesterday’s sermons:

Morning Sermon: “Cleaned Already” John 13 (audio)


Evening Sermon: Introduction to Judges (audio)


Morning Notes:

March 6 AM: John 13 "Cleaned Already"

Mar 6 Sermon

  1. Gathered for the Passover--there is a time to be together
  2. Gathered does not exclude even the wicked (Judas)
  3. Before the worship comes the service
  4. Before the fellowship comes the assurance of God's power
  5. Before the worship comes the cleansing--Peter are cleansed by the presence of Christ in their lives
  6. Before the fellowship comes the reminder of how life picks up dust
  7. After the fellowship and after the worship comes the obedient service.

When it's all said and done, here are our choices:

  1. Serve the Lord Jesus by serving each other
  2. Betray Him.

This is why:

  1.     Our mission as a church is to walk with Jesus and take as many people with us as we can
    1. In Children's ministry, that is our goal
    2. In youth ministry
    3. College/career, Senior Adults, Music--anything that does not support this is not on our agenda
  2. Our mission as God's people is not limited by geography, gender, or groupings--we must reach all
  3. Anything less than service to the Word of God by evangelizing the world is betrayal.

And we serve even those we know will harm us--Jesus does not skip Judas' feet.

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