Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sermon Wrap-Up for July 14

No, I did not reference Bastille Day in my preaching. I’m a history nerd, but that was a bit too much. I’m going to have the audio and video links for morning and evening, then the outlines.

Morning Sermon Audio Link is here

Morning Sermon Video:

Evening Sermon Audio Link is here

Evening Sermon Video:

Morning Outline for Matthew 26:

Matthew 26:26-35

The covenant of forgiveness:

1: establishes a new relationship

2: new relationship based on grace

3: recognition of the lopsided nature of the relationship

4: acceptance

5: leadership of the Lord

Evening Outline for Psalm 24

Text: Psalm 24

I. Ownership

II. Support

III. Cleanness

IV. Ascension

V. The Hill of the Lord being Calvary

VI. Victory

VII. Celebration

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