Merry Christmas!

I had grand intentions of getting lots of writing done this week, but it’s not happening. Honestly, it’s not happening next week either. So, over the next few days you can expect:

The Christmas Eve Service outline from church, Sunday’s sermon from church, and possibly a book review that has to be done.

Coming back in January, I will be back to my more frequent but still not-predictable schedule. Look for:

Monday sermon posts

Tuesday and Thursday posts from the Through the Whole Bible Series.

Wednesday or Friday will see books, including: The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek; Devotions on the Greek New Testament; Conviction to Lead; Grace by Max Lucado; Tender Warrior; a biography of J.R.R. Tolkien; and a novel that is fifth in a series but that I now want the whole series of: The Tainted Coin. That’s a medieval mystery is quite good.

So, until then, Happy Christmas!


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