Sermon wrap up February 26

Sunday Morning Audio Link here (alternate)

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Sunday Morning Outline:

Nehemiah 7:1-2

How to be qualified for work in the Kingdom

I. Be Faithful

     A. In doctrine

          1. Believe the right things

          2. Disbelieve the wrong things

     B. In speech

          1. Teach the truth

          2. Refuse to speak falsehoods

          3. Commit to actively speak the truth

     C. In action

          1. Do not act contrary to God's Word

          2. Act to spread the Gospel

II. Fear God

     A. Recognize His holiness

          1. Otherness of God

          2. Unapproachableness

     B. Recognize His righteousness

          1. Purity

          2. Perfection

     C. Recognize His justice

          1. Wrath

          2. Grace through Christ

Evening Sermon: Psalm 26


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