Monday, July 18, 2011

Sermon from July 17

Well, there was a little glitch with recording the morning sermon. Apparently, someone (me) failed to check the batteries in the digital voice recorder. Guess what?

You can’t podcast without a file. So, there’s no audio of the AM Service. For that I apologize, but there’s not much else I can do.

The summary of that is this: there is one salvation now, just as there was one salvation in the time of Noah: for him, the Ark; for us, the Cross of Christ. Fortunately for us the Cross is limitless in salvation. All who will come to the Cross and to Christ will be saved. The Ark was only so big (although it was, in honesty, huge) and could only save a limited number. Now, a limited number will be saved by the Blood of Christ, but that limitation is not one of power or ability, but one of choice and election.

So, saddle up, get on the boat, and grab a friend or two!

And now, evening sermon:

Genesis 7 Audio link

Without over-allegorizing or turning this sermon into mush that’s not based on the Word of God, I did try to help us see the parallel between the life of believers and the life of Noah. One of those considerations was the image of water as chaos from which God brings life and protection. There is some bad theology out there that teaches we won’t have problems if we are followers of Christ. That’s just nonsense. Noah was counted as “righteous” but his whole world was destroyed: chaos and trouble comes to all of us. The question is whether we will try to tread water long enough or if we’ll take salvation: the boat. And once we’re on the boat we need to consider this: there’s always work to be done. What are we doing? Are we rescuing people? Are we helping shovel out the bottom of the ark? There’s stuff to do, and all of us have work. Sometimes we do things we’re not fond of because they have to be done.

Anyway, that’s the wrap on this past Sunday.

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