Monday, July 5, 2010

This week

Just to let you know, I'm headed out to M-Fuge with the youth of Calvary Baptist Church this week.  I'm both thrilled and dreading the experience.  I'll be in Birmingham, Alabama on the campus of Samford University.  The President of Samford is Dr. Andrew Westmoreland, who was the President at Ouachita Baptist University when Ann and I were there.  I doubt he'll remember me.

Anyway, blog posting will be sporadic this week.  I'm taking my laptop under the heading of "pastoral privilege" since I might need email and church directory access, but I don't know how much time I'll have to keep up.

Coming up, though, I've gotten Ravi Zacharias' new book, Beyond Opinion, from Booksneeze.  So, that review is coming.  There may be a few other reviews to address, and then some updates on Hibbard world as I get ready to start school this fall.

For those of you that are wondering, I'm going to Alabama.  My wife, children, and loaded firearms will be here, and mother bears are afraid of preacher's wives, so I'd recommend not having any ill-intentions.

Two quick thoughts I'd really like to develop, and wouldn't mind your first reactions to:

1.  Ann is reading some books that are supposed to be encouraging to preacher's wives.  Olivia asked if there was anything for preacher's kids.  We can't find much that's preventative.  There's a decent amount for preacher's kids that need to recover from it, but not a lot about how to survive and not need recovery.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

2.  I'm thinking about how (and the ESPN group of networks) has an ombudsman.  (That's a person who, while technically employed by a party, exists to function as a non-partial observer and sometimes adjudicator of issues.)  ESPN employs someone with credibility, but locks them into a contract of a defined length.  I'm curious if there are escape clauses in the contract or clauses that bar/limit future employment, though I'd assume there are.  Anyway, I'm wondering, given some of our angst in Baptist life, if we need roving ombudsmen within the SBC.  They wouldn't have authority per se, but they would be able to hold up a big sign that says "Right" or "Wrong" when there are questions of propriety or behavior that cannot be resolved within the local church or organization.  Or when the issue affects too much beyond the local body.  Not sure it's the best idea, but it might be better than what we have.


Anyway, chew on those, comment, I'll be around….



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