Mad Church Disease Review Review

Yesterday I posted a review of a book, Mad Church Disease. This isn't a repeat of the review, but a reflection on writing it:

First of all, book author Anne Jackson, at said very nice things about the review in her twitter feed. Thank you to her for that. For those of you who read this blog that have teen/twenty children or grandchildren, and just don't quite grasp how to connect them with the Gospel, point them to that website. Mrs. Jackson is one of those people who think differently, a little more creatively, and that might help.

Second, I was supposed to email the link to the review to the guy at Zondervan who sent me the book. Unfortunately, I lost (read deleted without thinking) his email address. So, Chris, sorry. But people found the review.

Third, I appreciated the comments and flood of visitors to my blog. Hopefully they found something useful in what I said.


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